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Welcome to Vote By Pal!

Vote By Pal is a tool that connects Americans who can vote but don't want to* with Americans who wish they could vote, but can't**.
It's an experiment in power sharing, accountability, flexibility and a sort of walking meditation on the effects (both political and personal) of disenfranchisement. 

Vote By Pal is not about "maximizing turnout" or getting any one person or party into office.

It's very simple and not high tech at all.

*There are plenty of reasons a person might not want to vote. All are valid for the sake of this project.

**Same as above.

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Fill out the simple form, specifying whether you're a registered voter or are unable to vote.


You'll then be connected with a voting "pal." If you're registered to vote, you'll be connected to someone who can't vote. If you can't vote, you'll be connected with someone who can.


Once you've been connected with your new pal, the person who can't vote can tell the person who can vote who they would vote for if they could.


The registered voter can then choose to vote the suggestions of their pal. They are of course under no obligation to do so. That would be illegal.

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